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Educate, Advocate, Empower. Repeat.

Our Mission

We are a non-partisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in all levels of government, works to increase understanding of major policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Voter Engagement

We recognize and strive to eliminate barriers to participation in the election process, especially for first time voters, new citizens, and communities of color and low income.  

Civic Education

An educated voter is a likely voter. By conducting forums, producing voter guides, and holding information sessions on a wide variety of issues, we promote active citizenship. 

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While we are non-partisan, we are not without opinions. We arrive at positions through study and consensus and then lobby elected officials, based on listening to our members.

Pledge to Vote! Make Your Plan Today!

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Help for Voters Living with Disabilities

This article is brought to you by the League of Women Voters Minneapolis.   The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), landmark legislation that prohibits discrimination against individuals living with disabilities,…

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RCV… Easy as one, two, three!

The fourth in a series of articles about the 2021 Municipal Elections brought to you by the League of Women Voters Minneapolis. Minneapolis residents can say goodbye to voting for…

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The Voter, Summer 2021 Issue

Interested in what we’ve been doing over the past few months? We just published our Summer issue of The Voter, take a look! Click here to read The Voter

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Reimagining Public Safety Website is Online!

Want to understand the issues impacting the transformation of the Minneapolis Police Department?  Visit our new website now.

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Our Rich History

100 years and counting

League of Women Voters has a 100-year history of striving to make democracy work for all citizens. Its roots are in thesuffragist movement, but it quickly moved from the enfranchisement of women to take on the issues of the day – always in a non-partisan framework supported by volunteers.

Much has changed since 1919. LWV is inclusive of all gender identities, and non-citizens. The goals of supporting goodgovernment have remained the same, however. We invite youto explore League in its decade-by-decade work to promote civic engagement and strong communities.

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Get facts, not opinions. Minneapolis Police Reform? Public Safety Coordination Efforts? Too important not to have the facts. Check out LWVMpls’ new website on Reimagining Public Safety https://t.co/wxkxwNbuCv and get informed. https://t.co/vaDWxaeRmF

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