Educate, Advocate, Empower. Repeat.

Our Mission

We are a non-partisan organization that encourages informed and active participation in all levels of government, works to increase understanding of major policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

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Voter Engagement

We recognize and strive to eliminate barriers to participation in the election process, especially for first time voters, new citizens, and communities of color and low income.  

Civic Education

An educated voter is a likely voter. By conducting forums, producing voter guides, and holding information sessions on a wide variety of issues, we promote active citizenship. 

Check out our programs, Civic Buzz and We the People.


While we are non-partisan, we are not without opinions. We arrive at positions through study and consensus and then lobby elected officials, based on listening to our members.

Voter Registration by LWVMpls at Luxe Hair Salon in Uptown - encouraging young people to Vote.  Story covered by Reg Chapman for WCCO News on July 3 2024. Check out the article and  WCCO video here.

In the words of Keith Ellison, MN Attorney General who spoke with young voters: "Not voting is not a protest. Not voting is a surrender."


Gen Z Plans to Vote!

Video created by Skylar Strudwick, Intern with LWVMpls.

Public Safety

The League of Women Voters of Minneapolis has studied public safety, developed positions for action, and continues to monitor and participate in activities in order to:

  • Educate voters and
  • Drive change

It is essential for all citizens to be informed and hold our public officials accountable to achieve the public safety the citizens of Minneapolis deserve.


What's Wrong with the Electoral College

With thanks to the LWV Edina for this powerful 30 minute presentation titled "What's Wrong with the Electoral College".  Here's a presentation teaser...the electoral college origins trace back to slavery. The presentation includes strong statistical evidence that the electoral college suppresses all voices regardless of population density, state size or voter demographics. Six major problems created by the electoral college along with the popular myths surrounding it are identified. A compelling case is made for how moving to a direct popular vote for president can fix it. This is also a priority issue for LWVUS

Our Rich History

100 years and counting

League of Women Voters has a 100-year history of striving to make democracy work for all citizens. Its roots are in thesuffragist movement, but it quickly moved from the enfranchisement of women to take on the issues of the day – always in a non-partisan framework supported by volunteers.

Much has changed since 1919. LWV is inclusive of all gender identities, and non-citizens. The goals of supporting goodgovernment have remained the same, however. We invite youto explore League in its decade-by-decade work to promote civic engagement and strong communities.

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