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Minneapolis Positions in Brief

see Program For Action Minneapolis for details

City Government


Support of responsive and efficient structures and procedures of Minneapolis government. (Updated June 2005)

Civil Service Support of affirmative action; fairness in hiring, employment and dismissal of City Employees.

Citizen Participation:

Support of opportunities for all citizens to participate in effective ways in the decisions of local government.

Finance/Budget/Property Tax
  • Support of sound fiscal policy and new sources of revenue. (Updated June 2004)
  • Support of improved budgetary procedures for city government. (Updated June 2004)
  • Support of policies to strengthen the city’s tax base. (Updated June 2004)

Housing, Planning and Urban Renewal

(Updated April 2008)
  • Support of governmental responsibility for emergency housing needs.
  • Support of policies that provide for a variety of housing that meets the needs of a diverse population
  • Support of the use of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund in order to preserve and expand the supply of affordable housing in Minneapolis.
Planning and Urban Renewal:
  • Support of effective administration and coordination of planning functions.
  • Support of long-range planning goals and programs.

Administration of Justice and Law Enforcement

Police & Public Safety
(Updated September 2021)
  • Support of fair and adequate law enforcement for all people.
  • Support of measures to ensure equal justice for all person regardless of race and socio-economic status.
Juvenile Courts:

Support of legal assistance and services for children in the justice system.


Support legislation and public policies to reduce gun violence.


(Updated June 2003)

Support of adequate financing, effective organization, responsive planning and continued improvement for the Minneapolis Public Schools with the goal of quality, integrated education for all.

Social Policy

Family Violence/Prevention of Violence:
  • Support of improved procedures for agencies dealing with family violence.
  • Support of improved services for the victims.
  • Support of violence prevention programs in our community
Welfare/Income Assistance:

LWVMpls uses LWVUS and LWVMN positions when taking action on these issues.

Equal Opportunity:
  • Support of policies and procedures to ensure equality ofopportunity in Minneapolis (including equal opportunity in housing, education, public accommodations, public services, andemployment).
  • Support of efforts to eliminate racism in our community.
Child Care/Early Childhood Education:
  • Support of quality child-care concerned with the physical,social, emotional and intellectual development of the child.
  • Support of sufficient public funding for childcare programs.
  • Support of public policies and programs that value and support young children, their families, and those who work with childrenand families.
Child Support:

Support of stricter enforcement of court-ordered child support payments.

Adolescent Health:
  • Support of coordinated and accessible health, education and social services for pregnant and other teens.
  • Support of teenage pregnancy prevention efforts in theMinneapolis Public Schools.
  • Support of adequate and reliable funding for adolescent health care.

LWVMpls uses LWVUS and LWVMN positions when taking action on these issues.

Indian Affairs:

Support of adequate services for American Indians in Minneapolis.


Support of public policies and action to maintain and improve the livability of Minneapolis neighborhoods.

(Updated February 2007)

Support of adequate financing and sound administrative procedures for libraries and cooperation between library systems on a regional basis.

(Updated May 2016)

Support of adequate financing, sound administrative and planning procedures, and assurance of transparency and responsiveness to community concerns for the Minneapolis park and recreation system.