LWV Minneapolis defends democracy with sponsored debates, voter registration, and issues education, discussion and advocacy.

Voter Engagement

Voter Engagement

Voter Registration & Training

Voter registration is the first step to becoming a lifelong voter. We engage potential voters where they work, live and play. With a focus on non-voters, we train volunteers to have conversations about the value of voting as an individual choice and a community asset.

Voting Education & Forums

After 100 years, educating voters remains what we are about! Informed voters become engaged citizens. Whether it's candidates, policy or process-we create and curate materials and resources on candidates and community issues that are strictly nonpartisan.

Election Services

Good governance is a core League principle. Neighborhood associations, citizen commissions and other levels of local governance make use of our nonpartisan credentials and skilled volunteers. We collaborate with local election professionals as a trusted partner. Request our services.

In 2023

Civic Education

Civic Education

We the People (Archive)

We are proud to have produced We the People, a long-running interview show of community voices. These timely issues were discussed in depth with a knowledgeable interviewer. You can still watch archived videos of the shows.

Civic Buzz

Local issues, focused discussion, and knowledgeable speakers make this series, now via Zoom, a must for those who want to dig deeper into hot topics. Each program has a speaker and a new topic/issue for discussion. Anyone interested in discussing pressing issues is invited.

Unit Meetings

These small group discussions allow time to delve into current issues, learn more and discuss with others so you can hear varying viewpoints in a friendly environment. Members and prospective members are welcome.

We no longer publish our quarterly newsletter but you can read archived issues here to learn more about the League of Women Voters MInneapolis.


Take Action

LWVUS, LWVMN And LWVMpls issue Action Alerts, which notify members of specific steps to take on urgent issues, based on our positions. Actions range from signing petitions to making an appointment with your legislator, confident you have quality information to back up your visit.

Advocate at the City Level

Government works best when citizens are well informed about what their elected/appointed officials are doing. Minneapolis governance is complicated but LWVMpls watches  the various levels and works to recruit observers of the various boards and committees. LWVMpls advocacy is based on LWV positions.

Create Positions

LWVMpls positions grow out of LWV positions at the State and National levels. Locally, we conduct interviews with stakeholders and experts, research the issues and produce reports for members, policy makers, and the general public alike. These positions help make our case to policy makers when we lobby. To see our latest study on public safety, click the link below.

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