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Catherine Shreves hosts a half-hour public access television program, We the People, each month interviewing local experts on public policy issues. Doris Baylor joins Catherine on occasion to discuss voting and education topics.

We the People: December 21, 2020

We the People, Reimagining Public Safety Part V – Dr. Matt Bostrom and Bob Kroll

In response to the killing of George Floyd, the LWVMpls has adopted Reimagining Public Safety as a priority issue. The LWVMpls acknowledges that racism is real and pervasive in our institutions. Our goal is to understand all of the factors that impact how we are policed in our communities, and to engage the public in a discourse that can create a Minneapolis where every resident feels safe.
Yesterday we posted an interview with Bob Kroll and Dr. Matt Bostrom, it was the 5th in a series on policing, Reimagining Public Safety. We understand that this interview, triggered painful emotional responses. Our intention is to give the public information, that allows them to see for themselves who people are, even though this can be very uncomfortable.
In the spirit of encouraging an informed citizenry, we encourage you to watch all of our interviews in this series:

– Bob Kroll and Dr Matt Bostrom (Please note, the content of this video may be disturbing to viewers.)