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We, the People

Catherine Shreves and Doris Baylor host a half-hour program, We, the People, each month following LWVMpls' program calendar. Watch as they interview experts on the subjects being studied each month. MTN Channel 16, Tuesdays 7:30 pm and Sundays 7 am.

How The LVW Serves the Community

Host Joan Higinbotham and her guests Ruby Hocker and Pam Telleen co-presidents of The League of Women Voters of Minneapolis discuss The LWV - what it offers to members and how it serves the community.

Nimbyism (Not in My Backyard)

Host Joan Higinbotham and guests Haila Maze and Conrad DeFiebre discuss "Nimbyism". (not in my backyard) What happens when communities are faced with changes in their neighborhood that impact their homes.
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