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We, the People

Catherine Shreves and Doris Baylor host a half-hour program, We, the People, each month following LWVMpls' program calendar. Watch as they interview experts on the subjects being studied each month. MTN Channel 16, Tuesdays 7:30 pm and Sundays 7 am.

Director of Elections for the City of Minneapolis, Grace Wachlarowicz

Director of Elections for the City of Minneapolis, Grace Wachlarowicz is Joan's guest to discuss voting.

What’s New in Minneapolis Public Schools?

Click to stream the video Host Joan Higinbotham speaks with guest Michael Goar, Interim Superintendent with Minneapolis Public Schools. What new initiatives are going on this year? What new challenges will the school system be tackling?

Critical Listening & Campaign Messaging

Click to stream the video Host Joan Higinbotham talks Dr. Adrienne Christiansen, Professor of Political Science at Macalester College on how to dissect what we hear from the campaign trail.

Urban Gardening

Host Joan Higinbotham talks about gardening in the city with guests Russ Henry and Joan James. What to plant, how to extend the season, and how to sell your crops are all part of the discussion.


Host Joan Higinbotham discusses the Met Council's 2040 Transportation Plan with Met Council Member Jennifer Munt, and First Ward Council Member Kevin Reich.

Sustainability in Minneapolis

  Host Joan Higinbotham interviewed Gayle Prest, of the Minneapolis Sustainability Office and Robin Garwood, Policy Aide with the City of Minneapolis, about sustainability initiatives in the city.

Downtown Development

Host Joan Higinbotham interviewed Steve Cramer, President and CEO of the Minneapolis Downtown Council about development in the Downtown area, plans for the Nicollet Mall and Hennepin Ave, construction in Downtown East, and plans to double the number of people living in Downtown Mpls.

Feminism Yesterday and Today

Joan Higinbotham interviewed guests Lori Sturdevant, author of "Her Honor", a biography of Rosalie Wahl, first woman justice of The Minnesota Supreme Court - and Debra Fitzgerald, Director of the Center on Women and Public Policy - Humphrey School - U of MN. The guests talked about the waves of feminism that brought Wahl to the court and today influences legislation that legislates equity for women in employment. 

How a Bill Becomes Law

Host Joan Higinbotham and her guests Mindy Greiling, former state representative and Sherri Knuth, League of Women Voters lobbyist, talk about how a bill becomes a law - what influences legislators - constituents are important, and citizens can be effective lobbyists. Their years of experience made for an interesting and informative conversation.

Racial Disparities in Arrests and Sentencing in Minnesota

Host Joan Higinbotham and guests Larry Lucio and Mark Haase discuss the racial disparities in arrests and sentencing in Minnesota's criminal justice system. Lucio is a former school principal and Mark Haase works with Council on Crime and Justice

How The LVW Serves the Community

Host Joan Higinbotham and her guests Ruby Hocker and Pam Telleen co-presidents of The League of Women Voters of Minneapolis discuss The LWV - what it offers to members and how it serves the community.
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