We the People Program

We the People

Catherine Shreves hosts a half-hour program, We the People, each month following LWVMpls’ program calendar. Watch as she interviews experts on the subjects being studied each month. MTN Channel 16, Tuesdays 7:30 pm and Sundays 7 am.

Doris Baylor joins Catherine on occasion for select education and voting topics.

Ed Graff – Minneapolis Public Schools Comprehensive District Design

MPS Superintendent Ed Graff discusses the CDD with Catherine Shreves

Karen Moe – Neighborhood and Community Relations City of Minneapolis

John Gordon – Minnesota ACLU

Race Relations in 19th & Early 20th Century Minnesota – Bill Green, History Professor Augsburg University

Race relations in Minnesota in the 19th and early 20th century

Dr. Rebecca Thoman, Doctors for Dignity

Dr. Rebecca Thoman, Doctors for Dignity

Sarah Brenes, Director of The Refugee & Immigrant Program at The Advocates for Human Rights

Diversity -James C. Burroughs

Head of Mill City Consulting

Wilder Research Homelessness survey – Michelle Decker Girard

LWVMN Michelle Witte

Andrea Jenkins, VP Minneapolis City Council

30 Days of Biking with Patrick Stephenson

Lisa Barajas, Community Development Director for the Metropolitan Council