Voter Information

Voting & the Democratic Process

One thing that makes the United States stand out is its system of government. We live in a democracy, which means the country’s people make the decisions. This 30-minute program discusses the basics of voting and the democratic process, including voting eligibility, how to register to vote, voting on Election Day, and getting involved in ways other than voting.

Kid's Guide to Voting

Find helpful information for our next generation of voters, courtesy of Ohio University. Just some of the terrific topics (not just for kids) covered on this page:

What Are the Branches of Government? (PDF)
What Is Congress?
Three Branches of Government
I’m Just a Bill (video)


Political Parties

Where and When is Your Precinct Caucus? Call your political party or check its website:


If you want help translating Minneapolis Election information, call 311 or 612-673-3000.

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