Tips for Submitting Resolutions

From the MN Let People Vote Coalition

  1. Contact your party office or the MN Secretary of State for locations of caucuses.
  2. Circulate information about the location of the caucus because many of them have moved.
  3. Each resolution you want to submit must be on a separate piece of paper.
  4. Each resolution will have to be on a separate caucus resolution form, available at the caucus. You can staple your printed page to the from if you prefer not to recopy it on the official form.
  5. For maximum impact, take extra copies of the resolutions with you, arrive early, and canvas the waiting line for people from other precincts who may be willing to submit one or more of your resolutions in their precinct.
  6. Stand for election for the district caucus. It is at the district level that decisions are made about which resolutions will pass on to the state convention.
  7. Volunteer to be on the post-caucus resolutions committee. You will need to stay a little later.