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Catherine Shreves hosts a half-hour public access television program, We the People, each month interviewing local experts on public policy issues. Doris Baylor joins Catherine on occasion to discuss voting and education topics.

We the People: November 9, 2020

Special Edition Series—Policing: Part 4 – Women on force; mental health training

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Next steps in police reform: Discussing the history of women on the police force and the importance of mental health training for officers

In this issue, Dr. Tanya Gladney, Kris Arneson, and Laura Goodman discuss the need for more women on the Minneapolis police force, why it’s important for officers to switch precincts and integrate with different communities throughout their careers, and increased mental health training for officers.

Dr. Tanya Gladney is the Department Chair and Law Enforcement Program Coordinator at University of St. Thomas in the Department of Justice and Society Studies where she teaches courses on criminal behavior, policing, and sociology. She has 10 years of law enforcement experience with the Capitol Police in Jackson, MS. Dr. Gladney consults and provides cultural awareness and implicit bias training for police departments and various organizations and groups. Dr. Gladney was recently appointed by Governer Walz to the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board.

Kris Arneson served on the Minneapolis police force for 33 years, and during her tenure she was appointed by Police Chiefs to serve as a precinct inspector for 8 years, a Deputy Chief for 3 years and an Assistant Chief for 2 years. She has worked with the Department of Justice to develop an early intervention system to improve police accountability. She now works with Vital Awareness as a Public Safety Regional Account Manager. She holds a Master’s in Public Leadership and currently teaches at the University of St. Thomas in their Police Leadership Master’s Cohort.

Laura Goodman has served as a Minneapolis police officer, sergeant, and Deputy Police Chief in a Minneapolis suburb, served as the Director of Public Safety for an urban university, and was an advocate for crime victims as the Minnesota State Crime Victim Ombudsman. She is currently an International Police Advisor for Education for Critical Thinking (ECT) and works with the National Center for Women in Policing (NCWP), emphasizing the importance of women in policing and working to increase their numbers.