Reimagining Public Safety Website is Online!

photo by Liam Edwards shows a city street filled with Black and brown people marching; the picture was taken from behind. In the middle of the image a person with shoulder-blade length hair and a black-and-white dress holds up a sign that reads simply ENOUGH in all black capital handwritten letters on a white background.

Want to understand the issues impacting the transformation of the Minneapolis Police Department?

In the summer of 2020 the Minneapolis League of Women Voters established a Reimagining Public Safety Committee to study these issues, in order to help increase public understanding and encourage citizens to vote.

Their study on reimagining public safety was just published in May.  Explore their findings to learn about the history, context, reform activity needed and currently underway, and tips for your personal engagement.  You’ll also read an overview of the roles and players in the public safety landscape.

Visit our new easy-to-use website now.


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