Positions & Issues

Voter Services and Education

We work to give people the information they need to exercise their vote wisely, but we do not support candidates or political parties. Nonpartisanship is the most important principle of our work.

LWV Mpls works with others in the community to help voters learn about the importance of voting and how to vote, registers voters and supports open and fair elections. For example, the League, through its New American Voter Project, has collaborated with community groups to help new citizens, or those wishing to become citizens, learn about the American democratic process and why and how to vote and get involved in local issues.

Voter services include a variety of volunteer services to the community:

  • Hosting or co-sponsoring candidate forums and debates in the community;
  • Acting as moderators and timekeepers at debates and forums.
  • Providing objective support for neighborhood and community organization elections.
  • Registering voters.
  • Providing education on fair voting practices, and other activities that support participatory democracy.
  • Supporting elections by collecting ballots, etc. as needed.

Taking Positions on Issues−a LWV Trademark

League develops positions on issues through a grassroots process of member study, discussion, and consensus. Once a position is determined, the League may use it as a springboard for action by the League and its members. This action may take the form of lobbying or providing information on the position to the community.

For each level of government, there is a level of League with positions. A quick overview of where LWVMpls stands broadly on local issues is called Positions in Brief. To view the complete LWVMpls positions, view the Program for Action. (Formerly Goals for Good Government)

All of LWV Mpls policy reports and studies are available to League members and the general public. Studies may be accessed by visiting our library during office hours 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Monday through Friday. The library is in our office at:
League of Women Voters Minneapolis
Suite 205 (Sabathani Center)
310 East 38TH Street
Minneapolis MN 55409. Please call 612-333-6319 for an appointment.