Park Board Candidate Questionnaire

Minneapolis Parks are a critical factor in the quality of life in our city. Unlike most cities in America, Minneapolis has an independently elected body - the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board - that is responsible for the governance and oversight of the entire Minneapolis Park system.

Nine commissioners are elected to serve four-year terms beginning in January. Six Commissioners are elected to represent one of six districts spanning the city and three Commissioners are elected as "at-large" representatives with all city voters casting ballots for those three seats. For a map of districts - follow this link. For a description of Ranked Choice Voting in Minneapolis - follow this link.

In years past, there has been limited information on candidates and issues and for many, the Park Board elections were not given much attention. The increased energy surrounding this year's Park Board Elections is an indication that more people understand the critical importance our parks play in our city and the potential impact decisions by the Board has on the lives of everyone who lives in or visits our city and region. This increased attention is a great outcome.

As groups that have worked with the Park Board in the past and are committed to working in Minneapolis for the long-haul, we developed a few questions for the candidates to respond in order to help understand how they may approach some of the questions and challenges that the Park Board has faced recently. It is not an exhaustive list and our approach was not meant to indicate a point of view - but rather offer each candidate a chance to respond in their own words.

We thank each of the candidates for committing themselves to service to the city and for taking time out of a very busy season to provide us with responses. Our commitment to each of them is to present their responses without edits or comments and to guide voters to these responses to help them make informed decisions by November 7th.

We look forward to working with whoever is elected and continuing to improve how our parks serve everyone in Minneapolis.