Civic Buzz - League of Women Voters Minneapolis
The Civic Buzz meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Black Forest Inn Banquet Room, Nicollet Avenue S. at 26th St. W. in Minneapolis. We gather at 5:30. You can order drinks and food and we begin our meeting at 6:15 and end at 7:30. Each month we have a speaker followed by discussion. Each month will have a new topic/issue for discussion. Anyone interested in discussing pressing topics related to citizen engagement are invited. A discussion with the League of Women Voters means that all voices are heard and we take opinions seriously. In the end, we all learn something new and hopefully have a broader understanding of the issues. Civic Buzz is co-sponsored by Whittier Alliance.

Caucus Information

Precinct Caucuses are meetings run by the state’s political parties.  It is when the candidate endorsement process begins, delegates are selected, and goals and values (called party platforms) may be set. Precinct Caucuses are entirely run by the state’s political parties, including the selection of caucus locations and meeting procedures. Not all parties may choose to hold caucuses each year.

In order to participate in a caucus, Minnesotans must be eligible to vote in the November general election, live in the precinct, and generally agree with the principles of the political party hosting the caucus.

Minnesotans interested in caucusing with one of the state’s political parties should contact their party directly for dates and locations. At this point, the DFL has designated April 4 as precinct caucus night in Minneapolis. for more Minneapolis information.