Minneapolis Parks Update: April Discussion Topic

This update on Minneapolis parks is the result of study by a Parks Committee that was formed in the fall of 2014. The committee has met almost monthly since then, interviewed a variety of stakeholders about parks issues, and toured several current and future park sites. The committee sponsored a forum in 2015, entitled “Minneapolis Parks: Old and New – Protecting the Public Interest.” Committee members have participated in public hearings and meetings sponsored by the city and the Park Board.

This update reflects interest in new models for financing and managing parks in light of significant shortfalls in capital investments in neighborhood parks and new public/private partnerships on the horizon. The committee’s work has acknowledged the particular problems of funding neighborhood parks, a problem that led to the MPRB’s Closing the Gap: Investing in Neighborhood Parks initiative in 2015. This resulted in support by the LWVMpls board of a proposed parks referendum or an alternative plan. The committee also proposes revision of one LWVMpls position and approval of one new position, presented in a separate document.

League of Women Voters Minneapolis members will be discussing these Minneapolis parks issues in small groups (units) throughout the month of April. Understanding city issues and educating ourselves and others, is basic to our mission. On this particular issue we will be taking action, i.e. organizing and lobbying for adequate funding for our neighborhood parks.

Documents used in our discussions, which include detailed information on types of funding, background and history, budgeting, types of parks, etc. are included here for downloading.

Discussion Background and Information      LWVMpls Parks Positions 2 REV