Marilyn Dean 2016

Marilyn Dean joined the League in the 1980s, and as leader of Unit 53 she always found ways to stimulate members’ interest in monthly topics and League activities. She clearly exemplifies the qualities of outstanding service and dedication to the LWV and community.

During her years of League membership Marilyn has served as coordinator of the Speakers’ Bureau; worked on membership, education, and voter registration; and met with legislators to promote League positions. She worked with the 90th Campaign Committee to raise needed funds and worked more recently on the strategic plan. Over and above her other duties she handled schedules and assignments for the Minneapolis VOTER. With the help of faithful volunteers, she published information on current issues, always accurately and on time. In all areas of her League involvement her hard work, competency, and innovative thinking have been lauded.

In 2009 she stepped up as President-elect and then President during a stressful time for the League when membership was declining and finances were tight. Her organizational skills and ability to work with new staff and with members, old and new, provided professionalism and stability just when the League needed it. As one member put it, “She has the ability to objectively and thoroughly pursue any task no matter how difficult.”

While President, Marilyn took steps to encourage younger women to become active. Their different perspectives helped create Civic Buzz, a casual, public meeting with monthly speakers.

Marilyn informs others by speaking proudly of the League’s mission and does a wonderful job of showing how easy and enjoyable it is to be informed about political and social issues that affect the community. She works tirelessly to promote membership. Marilyn believes in the League and in each individual who contributes to making it the great organization it is.