March Civic Buzz

This event has passed. Watch the recording here:

March's Civic Buzz (and discussion topic) will be Government Structure; Minneapolis' new Strong Mayor system, 2 years in.

Our plan is to take a look at what changes have been wrought by the new Executive Mayor - Legislative Council system, since that amendment to our Charter took effect in December, 2021.

Our guests will be Casey Carl, City Clerk & Clerk of Council of the City of Minneapolis, and Lisa Goodman, former Mpls City Council Member. They will talk with us about how the amendment has been implemented and whether things seem to be running more smoothly as a result. We will also discuss what further changes may be on the horizon, including proposed Council legislation and/or Charter changes.

Casey Carl has been City Clerk & Clerk of Council of the City of Minneapolis since 2010. As chief elections official, he administers elections and provides voter services, including outreach and engagement initiatives. As custodian of records, Mr. Carl oversees and manages enterprise information governance programs. And as parliamentarian of the City Council, he facilitates legislative processes that provide opportunities for public participation.

Lisa Goodman represented Ward 7 on the Minneapolis City Council for over 25 years, from 1998 through December 31, 2023.  Lisa was a strong advocate of the Charter Amendment to create an 'Executive Mayor - Legislative Council' form of government in Minneapolis. She spent two years working to help implement the changes mandated by the amendment.