LWVMpls Statement Regarding the Proposed Government Structure Changes to the Minneapolis City Charter


March 25, 2021

Delivered by the President of the League of Women Voters Minneapolis, Colleen Moriarity


Hello, my name is Colleen Moriarty and I am the President of the League of Women Voters Minneapolis. Thank you, Chair Clegg, for allowing me to speak today regarding the proposed government structure changes to the Minneapolis City Charter, related to, Article (7) VII,  Section 7.1. Mayor.

LWV Mpls is an established nonpartisan organization that encourages informed and active participation in government. We work to increase understanding of major policy issues and we influence public policy through education and advocacy.

We, LWV Mpls, support a specific proposed change to the Executive function addressing separation of power, initiated by the Charter Commission. Through years of research, discussions, and studies our members reached consensus to support a structure that provides City staff with direct accountability to one authority; in this case, the Mayor.

We believe that this clarification of the roles of Mayor and City Council will provide city staff with direct accountability. This, in turn, would benefit the residents of Minneapolis by improving the function of city government.

Based on our research and non-partisan status, we ask that the Charter Commission support the change our membership studied and recommended.

LWV is an organization fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in principle and in practice. We urge you to consider all voices, as our city also struggles with reimagining public safety in relationship to our government structure.  LWVMpls is currently studying “reimagining public safety.”


Thank you for your time today.