Julaine Heit 2015

Think of any job for LWVMpls and Julaine has probably done and done it well; improving it as she goes along. She is never afraid to face new challenges and give her best with both enthusiasm and perception. She was an outstanding board member, listening attentively and contributing valuable suggestions. While thinking ahead is one of Julaine’s distinctive qualities, she is grounded in League’s history and purpose.

As President, she was equally effective but one of her greatest contributions was her leadership in outlining League’s financial problem and offering a solution. By holding the first fundraising event at her home and reaching out for member pledges the organization has been placed on a comfortable financial footing.

She has served as Co-chair of Voter Services, Vice President for Action, Co-chair of a program update, has managed the League’s website and served as board Secretary. In recent years she served as Nominating Committee Chair and is currently lending her talents as a dedicated member of the Parks Committee. Her leadership is demonstrated by her willingness to volunteer and her commitment to any task.

Julaine has been a long time member of Unit 11 and does her part reporting on difficult topics and asking thoughtful questions to enrich discussions.  For many years she and her husband have been volunteers for election night services. They also have offered their North Shore condo as an auction item at LWVMpls fundraisers. This drives all that she does for League and colors her ability to create new with a foundation of the past.

When it comes to dedication and commitment to the LWV Julaine Heit sets a singular standard.