Jennifer Johnson 2018

The description of Bess Mlnarik, and her “tireless and enthusiastic” work, is a perfect description of Jennifer Johnson, a tireless and enthusiastic member of Unit 48 since 1982. Jennifer joined League of Women Voters as a young mother of two small children, and immediately transferred her social work training and skills toward being an active and caring volunteer for League of Women Voters and many other community and school organizations.

Jennifer has chaired many League committees and participated in almost every League forum and activity available. Jennifer assumed a number of leadership positions, including the Education Committee and serving as Chair of Unit 48 for the past 15+ years. As chair of Unit 48, Jennifer tirelessly organizes every unit meeting (both speaker and hostess), guarantees that calendars are sold and delivered, assures that a multitude of forms are completed and sent to the League office (always completely accurate and on time), that new members are recruited and welcomed, that unit members are kept informed of all League activities and has managed to keep Unit 48 very alive and active.

Besides her work with the Education Committee, Jennifer has volunteered at candidate forums, has helped register voters, has helped at new Citizenship Ceremonies, has assisted at countless city-wide forums, fundraisers and other events, has participated in the Kids Voting program, has served on many study committees, and has volunteered to help in the League office. She has been a contributing member and leader of League of Women Voters Minneapolis for the past 35 years!

When Jennifer’s name is mentioned the same adjectives are always used to describe her: reliable, enthusiastic, hard-working, smart, generous, good-humored, a gracious volunteer, a great leader, and a trustworthy friend. Jennifer brings good cheer to all of her many roles and exemplifies the type of dedicated League member the Bess Mlnarik Award was created to recognize.