Hugely Successful Anniversary Event

On November 5th, over 230 members and friends joined together to celebrate 100 years of the League of Women Voters Minneapolis and enjoy delightful snacks and drinks while hearing from special guests Laura Bloomberg, Dean of the Humphrey School of Public Policy, John Gordon, Executive Director of the ACLU, Pahoua Hoffman, Executive Director of the Citizen’s League, Jane Leonard, President of Growth and Justice. And then there was Master of Ceremonies  Tane Danger of the always engaging Theater of Public Policy and his band of merry improv players.

Senator Tina Smith sent a video congratulating our organization and Mayor Jacob Frey issued a proclamation saluting our accomplishments (see the entire text below.)

The planning committee deserves a huge round of applause for pulling all the pieces together for a wonderful evening. We also thank the businesses below for their generous contributions. Please show them how much we appreciate their support. Check out our Facebook page for photos from the evening.

Thanks to:


WHEREAS, from 1881 to 1920, the Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association (MWSA) struggled to secure women’s right to vote and repeatedly lobbied for passage of an amendment to the state constitution to remove the word “male” as a requirement for voter registration, but were never successful; and

WHEREAS on May  2, 1914 over 2000 woman suffrage supporters, organized by Clara Ueland, paraded through downtown Minneapolis to the Auditorium, thus invigorating the push for ratification of the 19th Amendment in Minnesota; and

WHEREAS, upon ratification in Minnesota on September 8, 1919, the 5th District Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association became the League of Women Voters; and

WHEREAS, the League of Women Voters immediately set to work educating both old and new voters with Citizen Schools, registration drives, and Get-Out-The-Vote events to increase informed participation in elections; and

WHEREAS, the League of Women Voters Minneapolis participated in a Minnesota border-to- border passing of the Torch of Democracy in 1924 to stimulate interest in voting; and

WHEREAS, the League of Women Voters continued to work on behalf of the residents of Minneapolis for a century to ensure fair and well-run elections, monitor elected officials on boards and commissions, and produce timely studies of issues; and

WHEREAS, the League of Women Voters Minneapolis volunteers staffed a voter hotline providing polling place information and registration requirements prior to nearly every election; and

WHEREAS, the League of Women Voters Minneapolis moderated and organized candidate forums for multiple levels of government in the city, promoted civil discourse and produced voter guides; and

WHEREAS, the League of Women Voters Minneapolis volunteers register voters at naturalization ceremonies, thereby encouraging new citizens in their first act of patriotism; and

WHEREAS, the League of Women Voters Minneapolis encourages members and others to run for office and serve on boards and commissions by providing leadership workshops and trainings; and

WHEREAS, the League of Women Voters contributed to the health and vitality of democracy in the City of Minneapolis for over a 100 years:

NOW,  THEREFORE, I JACOB FREY, Mayor of Minneapolis, do hereby proclaim Tuesday November 5, 2019 as LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS DAY IN THE CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS.


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