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Healthy Legacy Forums Archive

Healthy Legacy 7: Our Children’s Future (2015)

Advancing Health and Racial Equity Pre-cradle to Kindergarten
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Healthy Legacy 5: Climate Change (2013)

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math, the game-changing article by climate journalist and Middlebury College Scholar, Bill McKibben, and more...
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Healthy Legacy 4: Urban Agriculture (2012)

The Healthy Legacy Forum on urban agriculture was held March 22, 2012.
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Healthy Legacy 3: Air Quality (2011)

These documents and web links were designed to help the Minneapolis League of Women Voters members discuss the issues surrounding Minnesota’s air quality in our unit meetings.
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Healthy Legacy 2: Water (2010)

LWV Minneapolis enthusiastically marked 2010 as the Year of Water with a 3-forum series. Each forum explored aspects of the state of Minnesota’s waters and discussed what individuals can do to conserve and protect it.
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Healthy Legacy 1: Toxic Chemicals (2009)

Materials used for March 2009 LWVMpls study of toxic chemicals in products and informational for all of our members and friends.
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