Healthy Legacy 7: Our Children’s Future (2015)

Background Information

Our Children’s Future: Advancing Health and Racial Equity Pre-cradle to Kindergarten. Click to download event flier.

Governor Dayton’s 2015 Budget for a Better Minnesota, Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids fact sheet.

Isaiah Mn a  co-sponsor, is a faith based organization made up of over one hundred churches. They have been very effective in supporting the Governor’s and Mn Health Dept goals and authored legislation for:

  • Paid family leave would provide up to 12 weeks of paid time off to care for a new baby(birth or adopted)or a sick family member.
  • Earned sick and safe time would allow workers to earn paid sick time or paid time off to receive services if  a person is experiencing domestic abuse.
  • Expanding access to a drivers license to immigrants without documentation to make our roads safe and support healthy and whole families.

Dr. Rose Brewer spoke directly about racial disparities that affect our citizens’ health and every aspect in their lives. Dr. Brewer is one of the chief authors of a report  which expands beyond  the State Health equity report and explains further in the Racial Shadow Report from Minnesota: A Human Rights Perspective on The Land of 10,000 Lakes Disparities.

Dr. Brewer’s action recommendations:

  • Full employment agenda for communities of color given their high unemployment rates in a state with very  low unemployment  for whites.
  • Approve a $15.00 minimum wage
  • Free community college
  • Root out institutional racism, enforcing all anti-discrimination legislation in housing, employment, education, lack of access to low interest mortgages,
  • End targeting low level crimes in communities of color, and focus on a criminal justice equity agenda