Get Involved

There are many ways you can support the League of Women Voters in Minneapolis.

Becoming a member will open a myriad of opportunities for leadership, education and working with people who share your passion for participatory democracy.

Making a donation will support the non-partisan work the League does in our community.



You don’t have to be a member to volunteer, though being a member connects you with other members and ensures ongoing information about volunteer opportunities. We encourage you to join online.

If you know a specific LWV Mpls project or program in which you are interested, we will be happy to connect you with others working in that area. A list of typical volunteer activities is listed below. In general, there are four types of LWV volunteer commitments:

  • One-time activities, e.g., helping register voters
  • Short-term projects, e.g., a fundraiser
  • Committees, e.g., to study an issue
  • Leadership positions, e.g., committee chair or board member

What would you like to do? Choose from one of the categories below or tell us about your skills and volunteer ideas. Please email us at [email protected] and we will contact you.

Voter Services and Education: Join us to register and educate voters.  Help collect data and materials from polling places around the city and transport them back to a central location. Register voters at citizenship ceremonies. Prepare voter guides, or work with community groups to increase voter knowledge about the election process.  

Candidate Forums: Work as a moderator or timekeeper.

Neighborhood Elections: Register electors, moderate forums, act as a timekeeper, count ballots.  

Committees: Work with other League members studying issues and suggesting member action. Committees include: DEI, Policing, Voter Services, Communications, Programming, and more

Volunteer Coordination: Track member interests and work with other members to help them get involved.

Development: Work with a committee responsible for generating revenue for the organization through fundraisers, grants, and donations.

Membership: Help recruit and retain members.

Programming: Help plan and produce Civic Buzz, a speaker/discussion series on local topics, and We the People, a video interview series of community leaders on local topics. 

Communications:  Help promote all that we do and help us reach all Minneapolis communities so they know how we can help! Write press releases, social posts, design promotional and educational materials.