Dot Lilja 2019

Dot Lilja majored in political science, setting her on a path for involvement in our political system and 50 years of dedication to the League of Women Voters (LWV). Newly married, she joined a downtown Chicago LWV unit. After moving to Minneapolis’ Lowry Hill area, Unit 48 beckoned, and she continued her political involvement in her new city.

Later, after another move to the Bryn Mawr area, Dot transferred to that neighborhood’s Unit 53. She has been Unit 53 leader and co-leader. She willingly signs up each year for a unit topic presentation where the depth of her political knowledge always helps clarify the topic before us.

She has arranged for several guest speakers over the years to add depth to unit discussions and has been a gracious hostess not only for unit meetings but annual December potluck dinners.

Dot impresses all of us with her long-term support of LWVMpls. In the 1970s, she organized the first Voter Hotline in the office to be run by volunteers. She was LWV’s representative to the Minneapolis Public Schools Wise and Gise volunteer program. She served on the LWVMpls board for six-plus years and as co-president with Marion Hall in 2015-2017.

Dot is currently LWVMpls program coordinator; her flexibility, mentoring abilities, and collaborative skills make this an ideal job for her and are appreciated by all.

Dot is also involved in AAUW (American Association of University Women), participates at Hennepin Avenue Methodist Church, and supports Bryn Mawr neighborhood endeavors. She loves to travel and has taken many trips abroad to expand her horizons. She is seldom sitting still, but if she is, it’s because she’s reading the latest political, travel, fictional, or biographical bestseller.

Thanks go to Dot for her years of service to LWV, our city, and our political system. All of the aforementioned attributes make her an excellent candidate for the Bess Mlnarik Award.