Action Alert: Tell your Senators to Support the H.R.1 For the People Act

Voting Rights are in jeopardy.

There are currently 253 bills being introduced in 43 states, including Minnesota, that will make it MORE DIFFICULT to cast a vote and have a voice.

The For the People Act will give more power to all Americans by ensuring the right to vote, preventing wealthy donors from influencing our government, and demanding transparency from our leaders. The US House passed the For the People Act of 2021(HR1) and the bill be reintroduced in the Senate this week.

Minnesota Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith support the For the People Act and we are asking LWVMpls to show your support by reaching out to our Senators and thanking them for their support. Let them know that you appreciate their efforts to ensure all Americans have the right to vote in free and fair elections and that voting is not a hardship. It only takes a few minutes to call or send an email.

Suggested text:

Hello, my name is ______, I live in Minneapolis.  As a member of the League of Woman Voters I am calling/writing to thank Senator Klobuchar/Smith for supporting S.1., the For the People Act. Please pass on my gratitude to the Senator and let her know that I support her work on this very important legislation. Thank you!”

Our Senators appreciate hearing from constituents and they take note of how many people support each and every issue and bill. It only takes a handful of calls from constituents to influence how they view any individual piece of legislation. Your voice matters!

Senator Amy Klobuchar; 202-224-3244 or toll free 1-888-224-9043; or email;

Senator Tina Smith: 202-224-5641;

Thank you! LWVMpls