ACTION ALERT! Call your Senators today!

Voter ID is back, and just as bad as before. The voter ID bill will be heard on the Senate floor today or tomorrow! Call your Senators today to tell them you oppose Voter ID and provisional ballots!
  • Voter ID is back from the dead, and just as bad as before. Voter ID will be heard on the Senate Floor on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Voter ID only prevents voter impersonation fraud, and there is no evidence of such fraud happening in Minnesota
  • Voter ID disenfranchises eligible voters, and disproportionately affect communities of color, people under 30, and seniors
  • Voter ID is an expensive waste of state money
  • Voters already voted against voter ID in 2012; saying that voters “didn’t understand” what they were voting on is offensive to voters, who knew EXACTLY what they were voting against