LWV Minneapolis Boards & Staff

LWV Mpls is committed to making the democratic process work for everyone.

To do this, its board of directors, members, advisors and friends contribute time, expertise and resources.

Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Project Support

The LWV Mpls Board of Directors meets monthly to set policy, approve the budget and make recommendations for programs approved by the organization's members. It is a "working" board that plans activities to support the organization's mission. In addition to the officers, who provide leadership to the board, board members have have specific areas of responsibility.


  • Co- Presidents: Anita Newhouse & Alice Moormann
  • Secretary: Marie Schwartz
  • Treasurer: Carrie Lichtenburg


  • Past President: Sandy Sweatt Hull
  • Communications: Katie Gardner
  • Voter Services Chair:
  • Program: Anne McLaughlin & Dyan Venters
  • Voter Assignment Editor: Marion Hall
  • Membership:  Katie Fournier

Committee & Service Chairs

  • Racial Equity Committee - Alice Moormann
  • Personnel Committee -
  • Parks Committee Co-chairs: Julia Wallace & Margit Berg

Project Support

  • CMAL Representatives: Kate Redden & Joanne Martin
  • Communications/Voter Editors/Proof readers: Jennifer Johnson,Jane Olmstead Papageorgiou; Layout:
  • Communications - Web Content Manager: Deborah Jindra
  • Development Sustainability Initiative: Julaine Heit
  • Fundraiser: Pam Telleen
  • ILO Representative: Molly Fleming
  • Nominations: Colleen Moffatt Kimer & Barb Kimer
  • Program - Civic Buzz: Joan Niemiec
  • UMRR Representative: Molly Fleming
  • Voter Services - Candidate Forums:
  • Voter Services - Neighborhood Elections: Saralyn Romanishan


LWV Mpls employs part-time staff to ensure excellent service for members and the community. Office hours are 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Monday - Friday but please call ahead.

Board Advisors

LWV Mpls Board Advisors is a volunteer group that provides support and advice to the Board of Directors. Members in 2014 include:

  • Burton Cohen, Editor, Mpls/St Paul Magazine
  • Paula Goldberg, Executive Director, PACER Center
  • Robert Greenberg, Owner, 614 Company
  • Susan Greenberg, Owner, 614 Company
  • Michael Henley, CEO,Yoder Henley Development Resources
  • Joan Higinbotham, Retired, Director of Alumni Relations Carleton College
  • Peggy Lucas, Vice President, Brighton Development Corporation
  • Herman Milligan, Jr., Wells Fargo Bank
  • Robyne Robinson, Rox Minneapolis Jewelry